Why All the Attention?

Six Great Reasons…

First, it’s our price!

Because it’s absolutely free of charge! (Of course, you are invited to officially join as a “PIT® Plus member” for only $9.99 a month to help us keep our lights on but…) everything is freely made available in our weekly job search presentations with continual fresh tips for reinventing ways to stage your talents and abilities with the tools and techniques needed to capture employer intrigue.

Second, it’s our volunteers and constantly growing list of participants!

Our volunteer speakers continually reinvent the job finding experience to add tremendous perspective to our emotional support group and networking sessions. “Unselfish acts of service” is the key, and the power, to our success.

Third, it’s our experience—and our 10,000 success stories!

Over 25 years proves Professionals In Transition (PIT®) meetings establish an effective network of people helping people find jobs quicker, capitalizing on relationships and interactions to open the “hidden job market.”

Fourth: the value of our job search approach and understanding!

Damian Birkel started Professionals in Transition® as a 501(c) 3-organization after paying (he explains, “being ripped off and taken for”) thousands of dollars in retail outplacement services, and eventually landing a job on his own. (Worse yet, he discovered virtually all the purchased advice from the outplacement firm was already available “free” at the local public library!)

Fifth, is the “generosity”—of PIT® members and participants’ time, resources, expertise!

Professionals in Transition® encourages everyone benefiting to “pay it forward”. Meaning, you help others, after you’ve received help. Upon “graduating” Professionals in Transition® and returning to work, you’re invited to become a speaker, a coach, a volunteer. That is why Professionals In Transition® is a not-for-profit model based on serving others and counting on participants who fully benefit to give back to help others. It drives over two decades of PIT®’s success.

Last, it’s also a little about the money!

The bottom line? No money – no “mission”. That’s why most everyone chooses to join PIT® Plus for $9.99 per month, recognizing the small membership fee offsets operational costs. As a bonus, PIT® Plus Members receive access to the “Members Only” online resources—in essence, an online library of hard copies of everything presented at our meetings—from resume and cover letter templates to articles on “the hidden job market” and much more. These few dollars from members like you wanting to give back a little extra by joining ensures the organization moves continually forward. Besides, contributions are often a cost associated with your job search and may be tax deductible!